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Electric Wheelchair

Standard Power Wheelchair Standard Power Wheelchair
New Brand -49 %
{ "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "name": "Standard Electric Wheelchair", "image": "", "description": "Basic Standard Power Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair with built-in batteries that facilitates transport thanks to its low weight and reduced size when folded. Includes seat belt ..
₹37,999.00 ₹74,999.00
Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair
-42 %
{ "@context": "", "@type": "Product", "name": "Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair", "image": "", "description": "India's Top Selling Modern Stylish Looking Zip Lite Power Chair is a Powered Wheelchair by Vissco That is a Perfect Solution to Walking Disorders Seniors & Handicapped People Requiring an Economic Model Lowest Price. ..
₹45,499.00 ₹78,980.00
Folding Lightweight Mobility Electric Power Wheelchair Folding Lightweight Mobility Electric Power Wheelchair
New Brand -42 %
Folding Lightweight Mobility Electric Power WheelchairFeatures:Rechargeable lithium battery with anti-theft lock and removable chargingBigger rear tires, stronger grade ability.Shock absorption design, comfortable and safe, climbing greatly reduce bumps.Intelligent universal remote control, easy to operate, anti-jamming.Convenient and easy to bring, you can get on the plane, and easy to put into a car boot, You can move it like carrying a luggage.Suitable for use in travel, outdoor, office, supe..
₹54,999.00 ₹94,999.00
Folding Power Wheelchair Folding Power Wheelchair
-45 %
Folding Power WheelchairNet Weight with Battery  42 k.g.Frame: High strength A3 steel frame adopted is safe and durable by high-precision welding and advanced nano dry coating techniques. The bright-colored frame is highly stained proof and shockproof without any heavy metal or toxic substances on its surface that provide you a perfectly healthy and green product.Wheels: The 8'' thickened front wheels and 20'' thickened PU rear castors make steering more flexible and tires more durable and ..
₹58,000.00 ₹105,000.00
Karma SP 100 Power Wheelchair Karma SP 100 Power Wheelchair
-20 %
Karma SP 100 Lightweight Folding Power WheelchairSP-100 is a highly cost-effective Lightweight Power Wheelchair by Karma, which is the best choice for the first-time user. It provides a new mobility solution for both indoor and outdoor use and easy to operate. Robust reinforced double cross-braces mounted with removable batteries make it simple to store, and durable with chic design. SP100 Motorized Wheelchair is the ultimate choice that can fulfill the user's need, and it is just beyond your ex..
₹79,499.00 ₹99,500.00
Karma KP 10.3S Power Wheelchair Karma KP 10.3S Power Wheelchair
-29 %
Karma KP 10.3 S Power WheelchairThe new "KP-10.3S" is a lightweight, compact, maneuverable power chair which now incorporates Karma’s patented ‘S-Ergo’ seating system. It is compact enough for indoor use but powerful enough for outdoors. The concept behind the design of the power chair was to make it as light as possible and convenient to transport. The "KP-10.3S" can be taken apart quickly and easily into four manageable components. The heaviest part weighs just 24kg. The quick-release battery ..
₹90,999.00 ₹128,201.00
Karma KP 10.3 CPT Power Wheelchair Karma KP 10.3 CPT Power Wheelchair
-35 %
Karma KP 10.3 CPT Power WheelchairGoing out is no longer a challenge! The KP-10.3 CPT has a revolutionary design that solves the problems of loading power wheelchairs into motor vehicles. Don’t worry about lifting or fitting the chair inside the vehicle. The KP-10.3 can be easily disassembled into three pieces with no tools required.Comfortable Captain SeatThe high-quality seat offers extra riding comfort.Carefree TravelingDisassemble and reassemble in a few simple steps with no tools required.D..
₹102,900.00 ₹159,281.00
Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair
-32 %
Portable Stair Climbing WheelchairThe latest innovation in ambulation mobility! The Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair is designed to help transport riders up and down stairs safely and efficiently. The lightweight and portable Mobile Stairlift does not require pre-installed tracks, and is able to carry up to 226 kg as many as 120 flights of stairs on a single charge.To prevent injury, it is recommended that the operator be properly trained in the Stairlift's use, and that they first practice as..
₹124,999.00 ₹184,999.00
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