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Respiratory Aids

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Pulse Oximeter Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Finger Tip
New Brand -70 %
Pulse Oximeter Finger TipTough exteriorHigh accuracyPI indexLow battery indicatorAutomatic Power offPR waveform displayFour way display screenOLED displayBreak Resistant..
₹1,199.00 ₹3,990.00
Pulse Oximeter JUMPER Pulse Oximeter JUMPER
New Brand -70 %
Pulse Oximeter JUMPERPortableLightweightConvenient..
₹1,199.00 ₹3,999.00
Portable Piston Nebulizer
-63 %
Portable Piston NebulizerCompact :Color: White Power18W 220 WPower ConsumptionMedication Capacity 8 ml..
₹1,499.00 ₹4,000.00
Blood Pressure Monitor- Premium - Health Touch
-60 %
Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium: BP Monitor Health TouchMeasuring rangePressure: 0 to 280 mmHg(in 1 mmHg increment) Pulse: 40 to 199 beat/minuteStatic accuracyPressure: +-3mmHgPulse: +-5% of readingMeasuring resolution1mmHgRated PowerInput AC200V-50/60HzOutput DC6VOperation temperature5~40o c/41~104o FOperation humidity15%~85%RH maximumStorage temperature-20~+55o C/-4~+131o FStorage humidity10%~95%RH maximumDimension173X91X49+-1.0 mmWeight420g+-5g(including batteries and cuff)Cuff pressure..
₹1,799.00 ₹4,500.00
Optimo Anti Bedsore & Anti Decubitus Medical Air Mattress Optimo Anti Bedsore & Anti Decubitus Medical Air Mattress
-66 % Out Of Stock
Optimo Anti Bedsore & Anti Decubitus Medical Air MattressAn air pump provides sequential inflation and deflation of the air cells throughout the mattress forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure. The air pump operates quietly, vibration-free and energy-efficient. The mattress can be placed overtop an existing mattress. It is lightweight, portable and easy for transportation. It is ideal for use in home healthcare or nursing homes.Features Pump alternat..
₹1,894.00 ₹5,570.00
Infrared Thermometer Infrared Thermometer
New Brand -56 %
Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer is so easy to use.Just point and press the button and it read the temp so easy.0.5 second rapid measurement temperature, can measure the human body ,object ,indoor temperature.Body temperature measurement: aiming towards the forehead with the distance of 5-13cm.Making sure there is no hair, perspiration, cosmetic or cap covered on the forehead. ..
₹3,499.00 ₹7,999.00
Portable Phlegm Suction Unit
-21 %
Portable Phlegm Suction UnitVoltage: 220V 50HZPower: 90VAMax negative pressure value: >0.75MPaPumping rate: >18L/minReservoir volume: >1000mLOil-free piston pumpPlastic panel to avoidwater erosion.Overflow valve to prevent liquidfrom flowing into the pumpAdjustable negative pressureLightweight & easy to carry..
₹5,500.00 ₹6,999.00
Oxygen Concentrator With Nebulizer Function 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator With Nebulizer Function 5 Liter
New Brand -40 %
Oxygen Concentrator With Nebulizer Function 5 LiterOriginal Imported Molecular SieveOil-Free CompressorLCD Large Screen DisplayRelease Nagative lons The Air Is FresherIntelligent Operation Comfortable And SimpleFront Air lnlet, Rear Side Air Outlet, Cleaner Oxygen SourceUltra-low Mute Design < 60 DecibelsInfrared Remote Control SystemCompact Design..
₹44,999.00 ₹75,000.00
Oxy-Med Oxygen Concentrator - 5 ltrs Mini Oxy-Med Oxygen Concentrator - 5 ltrs Mini
-16 %
Oxygen Concentrator - 5 liters MiniFlow rate 1-5 LPMHigh / Low voltage Alarm SensorsPSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) TechnologyInbuilt Nebulizer and Timer (10 MIN to 5 HOURS)Folding 3.5” Large LCD displayAlarms for Low Oxygen purity, Low pressure and for Power Fluctuation and defective information displayed on the screenIntelligent self-diagnosis system : Malfunction information display on LCDHEPA filter and Bacteria filter from Italy. Five-stage filters keeps away most of impurity, bacteria and ..
₹50,999.00 ₹60,900.00
Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter - ( Eco Model ) Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter - ( Eco Model )
New Brand -35 %
Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter - ( Eco Model )Simple And Easy To Operate..
₹51,999.00 ₹80,000.00
-44 % Out Of Stock
BIPAP STClear insightThe Hypnus Oxymed device includes central sleep apnea and Cheyne-Stokes respiration detection to provide treating physicians valuable insight into the continued health of their patients. Hypnus Oxymed also incorporates advanced therapy algorithm to cater to your diverse patient base.Integrated humidifierThe heated humidifier which is integrated with the therapy device can deliver humid air in one easy-to-use system. With fewer parts to set up and manage, therapy becomes much..
₹55,920.00 ₹98,990.00
Oxygen Concentrator 10 Liter - ( Eco-Model ) Oxygen Concentrator 10 Liter - ( Eco-Model )
New Brand -20 %
Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator - 10 Liter
Out Of Stock
Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator - 10 LiterPower failure Alarm; High-Temperature Alarm and Voltage alarmIntelligent Self-checking system: Alarm and Error Indication on LCDIntelligent Self-checking system: Alarm and Error Indication on LCDWith 5 stages filters which keep away from air pollution, PM 2.5 and BacteriaResettable Circuit breaker, Flame Breaker, Maintenance Alert.Most quiet in the machine which is the best choice for using in bedroom..
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