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Lightweight Aluminum Folding Walker
-5 %
Lightweight Aluminum Folding WalkerImported Lightweight Aluminum Height Adjustable Reciprocal Folding Walker Two In OnePremium Imported walkerFoldable for storage and transportationLight weight and sturdy aluminum frameEasy to open and close with center buttonPVC handgrip for better comfort. Also uses PVC bushesProduct Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 7.8 cm..
₹1,999.00 ₹2,099.00
Walker with Wheels
-9 %
Walker with WheelsHeight AdjustmentsCompact StorageLateral Access..
₹1,999.00 ₹2,200.00
Karma WK-50-BR Walker
-43 %
Karma WK-50-BR WalkerKarma WK-50-BR Walker FeaturesThe Walker is light in Weight. It Has One Button Folding. It Aids as a Support For People With Poor Balance to Walk Independently. The Walker is Slip Resistant. The Walker Comes With Several Sections to adjust the height. It is firm and Strong in Looks.Karma WK-50-BR Walker Measurements8 Sections height adjustableHeight length: 30” to 34” (76 cm. to 85 cm.)Weight - Approx. 2.5 kgsReciprocalSlip ResistantColour: BR Karma ..
₹2,081.00 ₹3,651.00
Karma WK 80 Aluminium Foldable Walker
-36 %
Karma WK 80 Aluminium Foldable WalkerWk-80 By Karma lightweight aluminum folding walker for Senior Citizen & Handicap features the eye-catching appearance and two-in-one fixed and reciprocal functions 1-second converts from fixed- walker to a reciprocal walker. The height-adjustable frame could fit the wide-range needs, Karma WK-80 Walker Stylish Elliptical Side Frame with Ergonomic Hand grip and Easy-to-use Folding Mechanism.Karma WK-80 Walker FeaturesErgonomic HandgripStylish Elliptical Si..
₹2,347.00 ₹3,651.00
Vissco Dura Max Walker
-21 %
Vissco Dura Max WalkerLightweight aluminum frameDurable designHigh-grade rubber shoes and rubber foam gripProduct Dimensions: 51 x 2.3 x 80 cm ; 3.4 Kg..
₹2,349.00 ₹2,960.00
Foldable Walker
-5 %
Foldable WalkerWe are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Foldable Walker. Our provided foldable walker is manufactured as per set norms using the best quality material under the guidance of our professionals. Offered foldable walker has eight height-adjustable sections for better comfort. As well, clients can avail this foldable walker from us at market rates.Comfortable aluminum frameOne-button folding walkerThe compact size makes it easy to storeEight height adjustable sections for bette..
₹2,375.00 ₹2,500.00
Pedal Exerciser
-29 %
Pedal ExerciserPedal Exerciser is a versatile strength-building tool that can be adjusted to suit your needs. It can be used on tabletops for arm workouts or on the floor to exercise your legs. This portable pedal exerciser features a convenient tension control knob that allows for a broad range of resistance settings. It's ideal for progressive exercise programs. This table-or-floor pedal exerciser also has straps to hold your feet firmly on the pedals during each workout. It's an ideal choice ..
₹2,499.00 ₹3,499.00
Karma WK-51-BR Walker
-33 %
Karma WK-51-BR Walker Karma Walker WK-51 or Deluxe Reciprocal Folding Walker helps in adding stability to the walking process and also enhances the balance of the person who uses it. Particularly people who have osteoarthritis require mobility aids like walkers, canes, crutches, and scooters to allow them to compensate for painful joints or joints with restricted motion range. Old age will never make you dependent on others when you use Karma Walker WK-51. You can do anything and everything..
₹2,597.00 ₹3,851.00
Dura Step Walker
-22 %
Vissco Dura Step WalkerLightweight aluminum frameDurable design with step shape for an elderly userHigh-grade rubber shoes and rubber foam grip..
₹2,849.00 ₹3,650.00
New Brand -23 %
DURA HEMIPLEGIC WALKERNew economic aluminium, mild steel walkers with functionality that improves the quality of life of patients, so they can be independentProduct FeaturesLight weight aluminium frameFoldable mechanismHigh grade rubber shoes and PVC grip..
₹3,084.00 ₹3,980.00
Multi Functional Foldable Walker Commode Shower Chair Multi Functional Foldable Walker Commode Shower Chair
-13 %
Multi-Functional Foldable Walker Commode Shower ChairFolding Walker With Commode Imported lightweight Multipurpose Walker with detachable commode, height adjustableFolding Walker With Commode  FeaturesAn imported lightweight foldable model with multipurpose uses.It can be used as a walker, commode chair, toilet safety frame or as a raised toilet seat.Comes with height adjustable feature. The walker with commode can be detached and stored in narrow spaces and is easily portable.The frame sup..
₹3,999.00 ₹4,599.00
Premium Imported Folding Rollator Walker with Seat & Footrest
-2 %
Premium Imported Folding Rollator Walker with SeatHeight adjustable frame suits for your body measureLoop style handle brake (push down to brake)Foldable and filled into the car without any problemFrame color: Red..
₹5,899.00 ₹6,000.00
Karma RT 60 Rollator Walker
-51 %
Karma RT 60 Rollator WalkerKarma RT-60 Walker Lightweight Aluminium weighs less than 5 kg (net), Folds in seconds for storage and transportation. Sturdy height adjustable handles with brakes. Swivel front wheels for ease of maneuverability.Karma RT 60 Rollator Walker FeaturesQuick foldaway aluminum frame, built in a padded seat, hand brake lever.Comes with a durable padded seat and a padded backrest that can be folded up or down.7.5" casters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and deluxe loop-l..
₹6,351.00 ₹13,041.00
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